Marketing & User Experience Research

DIG is a research consultancy that helps clients design products and services around their real-world customers.

We believe that customer research can do more than identify problems and compare proposed options. At its best, it generates the kind of fresh connections and insights that can inspire creative new design ideas and product developments. That's what keeps us excited by the work we do.

  • ADP Corporate Marketing

    "David handles all of the qualitative research that we do in Corporate Marketing at ADP, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. His handling of all aspects of a project is superb – from initial design to moderating through to the final report." - Deborah Barron, VP, Market Intelligence

  • FedEx

    "DIG went above and beyond to provide the highest quality of work, so that we could extend the FedEx Purple Promise to our customers. It was truly a pleasure working with DIG. They will continue to be one of our preferred vendors in the future." - Marc Schrader, Senior Marketing Specialist


    "DIG helped prioritize our offerings and greatly improved the user experience of our customer website. It is often difficult to get clearly defined, actionable results when doing research for technology products and services. We’ve always been pleased with their results from DIG."
    Chris Korintus, Senior Manager, Market Research and User Experience Planning


  • Brand and Communication Research

    Our marketing research helps clients to clarify their value proposition, create a coherent brand identity, and optimize the language, imagery and design of their communications. more

  • UX Research

    We take an integrative approach to evaluating user experience, reviewing qualitative user feedback, direct observation, and quantitative metrics, to develop a valid strategy for prioritizing fixes and design enhancements. more

Why choose DIG?

We bring over 25 years of experience on all aspects of branding, communication and UX strategy to our work with Fortune 100 companies and their marketing partners.

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