Considering all aspects of the user's experience and interaction with your brand across multiple user interfaces.

Our Approach

When performing task-based research, we focus on the user’s response to the design and functionality of the interface within the context of their regular, everyday experience. We'll also make use of accepted industry measures including Standard Usability Scale (SUS) questions and NPS scores.

In our user interface evaluations, we look at several factors important for communicating meaning - concept acceptance, user experience, and communication effectiveness - and make sure they work in concert to satisfy both customer expectation and your business goals.

Through our partner IVP and their MobiLab™ service, we can set up a technician-supported UX evaluation anywhere in the U.S.

User Experience Testing and Eye Tracking

  • Evaluate existing online interfaces for possible user experience problems and opportunities relating to ease of use, engagement, persuasion and trust.
  • Evaluate new concepts before officially launching a new or redesigned Web site
  • Evaluate the impact of the site experience on the client’s brand and overall communication strategy
  • Evaluate competitor sites/apps

Eye tracking results include heat maps and click streams to highlight key areas of interest within the interface

Types of interfaces tested include:

  • UX lab testing and eye tracking for the web, including testing of functional pages, HTML and paper prototypes
  • Apps on iPhone and Android OS
  • iPad/tablet computers
  • Proprietary software solutions
  • Company intranet
  • Kiosks
  • Other interfaces including home appliances


Clients are provided with a report that includes detailed recommendations for improving the design, illustrated by picture-within-picture video capture of users' responses and body language as well as mouse movements as they interact with the interface.

Cognitive Walk-throughs and Expert Reviews

Don’t have the time or budget for a full fledged customer-based UI evaluation? We’ll provide an extensive heuristic evaluation of your site along with specific recommendations for improving the user experience that meet your stated objectives.

Benefits include:
  • Ideal for obtaining an objective, expert evaluation of your site   and/or competitors sites in any phase of development. We’ll have at least two consultants evaluate your site and sometimes include other “expert” opinions, depending on your needs.
  • Quick turnaround: we can usually turn around an evaluation of your site or interface, including a competitive analysis, within 5-7 business days.
  • Low cost/high rewards – can be completed for a percentage of the cost of a typical lab-based UX evaluation